Levi Dorit

The artist Dorit Levi has a special and unique style all her own. The flow of color and images the joy of life, and the movement of figures create a wondrous image for the viewer. Although each work has the clear mark of Dorit, in ther works one can see the influence of Blovian artist Boulange, as well as cubists Picasso, Leger, and Braque.

Image Dorit was born in 1952 in Tel Aviv, Israel, and the culture and tradition of her home can be seen in her work. Her extraordinary talent brought her to study at the prestigious Wizco France art Scool also located in Tel Aviv. There she was the dedicated student of one of Israel's greatest artist, Edwin Salomon.

Dorit Levi aslo brings to each artistic creation her experiences living in Africa and in Uganda. Africa, with its vast warm savannahas. can be felt in her use of warm, bright colors. Uganda's colorful markets and people in embroidered garb, imbue her images and background compositions with an enchanted feeling.

Dorit's works are remarkable in her use fo gold leaf and the enormous attention to detail and complex compostion. Each time one looks at a Dorit Levi painting new aspects and new configurations are discovered.

The works of Dorit Levi are on display in various galleries and collections throughout the world, attesting to her exceptional talent. Her works can be found in Israel, the United States, Canada, France, and Japan. A Dorit levi work of art is special, full of colorful life, and above all lyrical




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